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Microsoft Ads: The Secret Weapon To Upselling

When you think about digital ads, we immediately think of something like Google Ads. Sometimes, we don’t even consider Microsoft Ads unless we’re reminded about it. In reality, Microsoft is in no way inferior to Google with its advertising offer. Just like Google, Microsoft offers the possibility to place search engine ads. The ads are […]
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Microsoft Advertising Gives Search Marketers The Opportunity To Test Video Ads In SERPs with Video Extensions

In order to catch the attention of your B2B or future B2B clients for your HVAC business, one of the best ways to do it is to utilize both visual and video ads. Because visual ads are the best way to capture the attention of the people you want most, Microsoft Advertising has launched Video […]

Similar Audiences and Google Merchant Center Store Importing Will Come To Microsoft Advertising

As of the first of June of this year, Microsoft Advertising has announced its key product updates for the month of June. One of these updates is probably the most impactful among them – Similar Audiences. With this feature, marketers will be able to scale campaigns by looking for users similar to the ones found […]
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Facebook Import Is Available In Microsoft Advertising

Recently, Microsoft Advertising made an announcement that said that the company is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Import, which lets marketers import campaigns, ad groups, budgets, creative assets and more from Facebook into the Microsoft Audience Network. With Facebook Import, advertisers can import up to 10,000 campaigns for each campaign per account. Also, you […]
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Updated Phrase Match Will Roll Out To All Languages In July

At the beginning of the year, Google announced that it would roll out changes to phrase match and broad match modifiers. This feature allows advertisers to reach potential clients and customers with the following keyword match types: Exact match for precision Broad match for reach Phrase match and broad match modifier for a balance of both At […]

Microsoft Advertising Will Treat Phrase Matching The Same Way Google Ads Does

According to an announcement by Microsoft, phrase matching will be expanding by the middle of May to include broad match modifier traffic. Google chose to announce the same thing for their own search engine earlier this year. The reason why Microsoft chose to do the same thing as Google is to make adoption as easy […]