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Google Account-Level Negative Keywords Have Arrived

Have you had impressions or clicks on your Google campaigns that you just didn’t want? Isn’t there a way you can stop these impressions and clicks from happening? There is! Advertisers can create a negative keyword list at the account level that ca be applied to any applicable and relevant campaigns. By creating a negative …

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Why Long-Tail Keywords Aren’t Always Good To Use

Keywords are an important part of a successful SEO strategy, and incorporating them into your page content helps search engines understand your website, allowing it to better serve it in the search results. A properly implemented keyword strategy helps your web pages rank higher in the SERPs, which will in tern drive higher quality traffic …

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Moz Talks Keyword Cannibalization

Before we go any further, let’s define keyword cannibalization. Keyword cannibalization is when you have various website pages (such as articles an blog posts) that all rank for the same search query in Google. So if you have two or more pages on your site that contain content that is too similar to each other, …

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Moving Targets: Keywords In Crisis

Many marketers tend to do this – they take a once-and-done approach to keyword research, and Google decides to change how things work. How do we do keyword research in fast-paced industries and during world-changing moments? Dr. Pete provides concrete tactics for adaptive keyword research and spotting trends as they happen.
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What Can You Do To Improve Your Google Keyword Ranking

Right now, somewhere in the world, somebody wants to find a business just like yours and purchase an product or take advantage of a service. Basically, the need a solution, and you very well could be the answer they’re looking for. The only question is, will they find your business, or will they end up …

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Do Brand Keywords Matter For Every Audience?

Aside from social media, brand-related keywords help you better understand the search presence and ad strategies of your competitors. As an example, having HVAC branded keywords related to services your company provides can help highlight search ads that your competitors are running. But what’s the difference between branded and non-branded keywords? With branded keywords, you …

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