iOS 14.5

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Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

Are a small business wanting to grow and marketing on Facebook? It can be challenging because you typically wouldn’t have the bandwidth or funds to invest in comprehensive digital marketing plans like big companies do. Facebook has 2.9 billion active users, and is the most popular social network of them all. Regardless of the kind of […]
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How Do You Get Around The iOS Update With Facebook?

In the digital world, privacy is important, especially in this day and age when everybody and their brother has some semblance of an online presence. When iOS 14 was released in September of 2020, Apple gave consumers more control over the data they share with advertisers and publishers. But, from the advertising perspective of Facebook, […]
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How Apple’s iOS 14.5 Release Could Impact Advertisers

Ever since the release of iOS 14.5, it has had a huge impact on advertisers. They are unable to track people clicking on their ads, and that can really mess with the way their metrics show data. This could certainly affect the advertising efforts you\’re putting into your HVAC marketing. If you\’re trying to market […]