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What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Facebook Creator Studio Is Getting Deleted

If you’re using Facebook for your HVAC marketing, you may want to pay attention to this – Facebook getting rid of Creator Studio and replacing this with Meta Business Suite. Here’s a breakdown of the following LYFE Marketing video that discusses this topic: Part 1: What’s Happening?Part 2: New Meta Suite FunctionalitiesPart 3: 3 Things […]
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How To Get Started On The Facebook Business App

If you’re into anything regarding the marketing space, you probably know that Facebook is a pretty big contender. With the Facebook business app, now known as the Meta Business Suite app, it can guide your business to key priorities. This LYFE Marketing video covers what this app can do and how to get started with […]
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Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Business Suite

Let\’s face it, social media marketing isn\’t easy. This includes doing it on Facebook, and we have the ever-fluent landscape that is Facebook advertising to thank. , Recently, Facebook has been rolling out the Business Suite, and LYFE Marketing is here to cover the differences between the new Business Suite and the old Business Manager. […]